The view of the Costa Arriba from Bala Beach

Portobelo and Costa Arriba Beach Tour

The view of the Costa Arriba from Bala Beach
The view of the Costa Arriba from Bala Beach in Maria Chiquita

Portobelo and Costa Arriba Beach Tour.

One of the biggest pleasures we have as VIP Panama Tours is introducing you to the beauty of the Costa Arriba region of the Province of Colón, Panama. This is where you get to experience the Caribbean life up close and personal!

This area of Panama is a hidden gem that is quietly getting exposure thanks to projects like Bala Beach, Playa Escondida Resort, Prime Caribbean Villas and of course the Safarick’s Zoo and Animal Rescue located in the tiny town of Maria Chiquita, Panama.

On this tour we will take you to the historic departure point for Spanish gold, Portobelo. This town was sacked by Captain Morgan himself. We will take you on a walking tour to see the ruins of both forts and the cannons used to defend them. We will also take you to the Church of the Black Christ.

After departing Portobelo we will take you to Safarick’s Zoo, where you are in for a real treat as you will be able to feed toucans, take pictures with monkeys and maybe even get a glimpse of an ocelot. Safarick’s Zoo is home to the longest aviary in Central America, measuring over 100 ft long. The aviary has over 20 species of birds.

Safaricks Zoo Aviary with VIP Panama Tours
Experience the Safarick’s Zoo Aviary with its 20 Varieties of Birds.

Once we have completed the time at Safarick’s Zoo we have lunch. We have a few options Ocu at Bala Beach, Captain Jacks in Portobelo or a few local restaurants with typical Caribbean food.

After lunch we have the option of enjoying drinks by the Caribbean, going for a dip, jet skiing or if you would like you can choose to go zip-lining! We leave it up to you to choose.

We guarantee that the Portobelo and Costa Arriba Beach Tour will give you the best experience with nature and the Caribbean culture of Panama.

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Portobelo and Costa Arriba Beach Tour Schedule

8 am

Travel to Portobelo, Panama

Total travel time to Portobelo, Panama is approximately 2 hours.

10 am

Walking Tour of Portobelo

We will tour the forts of Portobelo and visit the Church of the Black Christ. Total time 2 hours.

11:30 am

Safarick's Zoo

We will visit Safarick’s Zoo and Animal Rescue total time 1-2 hours.

1 pm

Time for Lunch

We will spend up to 2 hours for lunch. Your choice of restaurant.

2:30 pm

What would you like to do?

Choose to have a drink by the Caribbean, take a dip, jet ski or even go zip-lining.

5 pm

Return to Panama City

We will head back to Panama City and your hotel. Total Time 2 hours.

7 pm

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Portobelo and Costa Arriba Beach Tour
Join VIP Panama Tours as we take you to experience the beauty of Portobelo and the Costa Arriba Beach Tour. Get up close with nature and the Caribbean.
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