Container ship crashes at the Panama Canal

Ship Crashes at the Panama Canal

Even the Panama Canal is Not Immune to Accidents.

Ship crashes at the Panama Canal

Video Taken By a Tourist Aboard a Cruise Ship Passing Through the Panama Canal on April 3, 2014.

It amazes me that I never saw this video before. A ship crashing in the Panama Canal would typically be considered a big news event here in Panama. Maybe the local news outlets chose not to show it for political reasons. Safety always comes first at the Panama Canal and the ACP (Panama Canal Authority). The person driving the ship during this incident would not have been the regular Captain of the vessel but rather a Panama Canal Pilot.

The Panama Canal pilots take navigational control of the approximately 40 vessels that transit the Canal every day. Our main responsibility is to guarantee a safe and expeditious transit, enforcing local and international navigation regulations.

Watch the Video of the Ship Crashing into the Locks of the Panama Canal.

The Panama Canal Pilots take their job very serious. I am sure this was an isolated incident that just happened to be caught on video. This just goes to show that you should always be ready to capture something extraordinary with your recording devices. To learn more about Panama Canal Pilots please check out their training videos on their website.

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Ship Crashes at the Panama Canal
Watch the Video of the Ship Crashing into the Locks of the Panama Canal. It is amazing footage captured by a tourist aboard a cruise ship.
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