Colón, Panama is Dangerous!!

Colón 2000 in Colón, Panama

We have all heard about how dangerous and scary Colón, Panama is. That is not far from the truth. Colón, Panama is not a town that a tourist should Cruise ship in Panama. land Excursion with VIP Panama walking around without private security. Believe me, we know because we live in Panama and travel to Colón, Panama every week. We have had heard stories of tourists getting robbed but this is usually due to the bad decisions of the tourist.

There is one obvious mistake that tourists make that is leading to these stories. They are venturing out into the city of Colón, without protection. We live here and my wife is Panamanian. Walking around the city of Colón, Panama without a knowledgeable guide seems crazy. We did it once with our friend Nelson who was born and raised in Colón, Panama and that was enough.

Each year hundreds of thousands of cruise ship passengers visit Panama and make a stop at the Colón 2000 port in downtown Colón, Panama. This cruise ship port has restaurants, shops and of course a small casino. The Colón 2000 port is open to anyone who wants to enter. We recommend that if you are visiting Panama via the cruise ship that you take care even when you stay near the cruise ship port. We don’t want you to be fearful of Colón, Panama but rather to be mindful of your surroundings.

Colón, Panama is much more than the small city. Colón is actually an entire Province of Panama that has many beautiful sites to offer the tourist. Our main tours are focused on the Province of Colón. We believe that of all the 10 Provinces of Panama Colón has the most to offer in the shortest distance. You have 2 UNESCO world heritage sites with Portobelo and Fort San Lorenzo. There is the Gatun Locks of the Panama Canal. The Panama Canal expansion construction site that you can view. The always amazing Safarick’s Zoo in Maria Chiquita. The Beach areas of Costa Arriba and Costa Abajo. All of this translates into a few days of amazing site seeing.

Portobelo Panama World Heritage Site
Portobelo, Panama a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Now we know that cruise ship passengers only have a day to view the sites. This is why we focus on two of the biggest tourism draws in the Province of Colón. That is the Gatun locks of the Panama Canal and Safaricks Zoo. We chose the Gatun locks of the Panama Canal because it is by far the best way to experience the Panama Canal without having to be on a ship. At the Gatun locks you are up close and personal with the vessels that are passing through the canal in a way that can only be experienced at this location. Safarick’s Zoo and Animal Rescue was chosen because you get to interact with the animals of Panama in ways that you just can’t do in typical zoos. Here you can feed toucans by hand, see all kinds of monkeys up close and try to spot the colorful frogs of Panama in the frog sanctuary. After all this we go over to the beach at Bala Beach and enjoy a meal while taking in the fresh air from the Caribbean.

Panama Tours of the Caribbean side of Panama and Colón, Panama
Bala Beach Resort in Maria Chiquita, Panama.

As you can see we care greatly about Colón, Panama and we want you to have an amazing experience to take back and tell your family and friends about. The media does a good job of making us fearful but common sense can sure go a long way. When you visit Colón, Panama do it with a team that knows the area and knows how to cater to tourists. We believe that is VIP Panama Tours.

If you would like to book your tour of the Province of Colón, Panama with VIP Panama Tours just click here and book up to 10 people. This offer is only for cruise ship passengers.

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Colón, Panama is Dangerous!!
We have all heard about how dangerous and scary Colón, Panama is. That is not far from the truth. Colón, Panama is not a town that a tourist should be walking around without private security. Believe me, we know because we live in Panama and travel to Colón, Panama every week
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